H & S
Repon’s corporate philosophy and culture “Conserving the earth and natural environment”
Constant internal training courses on health and safety related topics, and open and transparent communication, are key methods that we use to convey our health and safety policy, and other related regulations to the employees, contractors and all the other parties that it may concern. We strive to ensure everyone on our premises is aware of the need for a healthy and safe working environment by reminding them of our mantra, “Cherish your life, and the life of those around you“.

We strictly adhere to all the government mandated regulations and requirements regarding health and safety in the workplace, and have established an effective system of working practices to monitor and enforce them. Every member of staff at Repon, works hand in hand to eliminate any risk that might occur during manufacturing, attending events, or during the provision of our products and services, in order to maintain a comfortable and safe working environment for our employees and visitors alike.