Repon’s corporate philosophy and culture “Conserving the earth and natural environment”
Packaging and environmental sustainability

There are various kinds of packaging you can choose when ordering from Repon. Every package is streamlined in order to utilize the minimum amount of materials in order to reduce excess waste.Furthermore we work with our suppliers, and strive to reduce CO2 emissions generated from manufacturing.

Our major plant in Yunlin Technology Industrial Park. An SRC energy saving structure helps to achieve both efficient airflow and daylighting. In addition to physical energy saving features, the building also utilizes banks of computers to manage the airflow, lighting and renewable energy supply, in order to optimize power consumption.

The building is also designed to recycle up to 60% of the wastewater generated whilst operating. Furthermore the plant is also equipped with a water recycling system, that collects water from both the air conditioning system, and rain for irrigation of the surrounding gardens.

Repon encourages you to join us in making the Earth a better place for the next generation.