REPON can provide you with a safe distance between people.

When the localized infection of the Omicron epidemic is heating up rapidly, and the virus is getting closer and closer to us... REPON - 2 Way Soft Close / Two-way Soft Close slide can provide you with a safe distance between people.


REPON has a two-way slide rail to recommend to everyone. This is a two-way slow return slide rail that allows drawers to be used without space restrictions and achieves the idea of sharing the front and rear, which meets the requirements of two-way opening and solves the waste and occupation of redundant cabinets. The problem of limited space.


The drawer is still smooth and comfortable when opened. The drawer that is often used in the two-way cabinet of the entrance in the home space can also be used in the silver counter, the dining window or the trash can under the table and the POS machine... Reduce the chance of direct contact between people and people.


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