Did you know that April is "International Low-Carbon Month"?

The distance from low-carbon life?
We want to make the issue of reducing carbon living and improving climate change an action that everyone can participate in, not just a distant treaty and future issue. Start to change your habits with practical actions, be a little more kind and empathetic to the environment around you, and don't forget that we and the earth are a community of life.
Did you know that April is "International Low-Carbon Month"? We want to call on colleagues to make a change. Bring your own water cups to reduce the use of disposable products, and bring tableware to use one less paper cup, bento box, straws and bamboo Chopsticks, bring a reusable bag with you to reduce the use of plastic bags... So let's complete this little experiment together in the coming April!!
1. Garbage is definitely sorted
2. Garbage reduction
3. Save water and turn off the lights
4. Air-conditioning raised by 0.5 degrees
5. Use walking up and down stairs
6. Reduce paper usage
7. Bring utensils with you and do not need disposable products
8. Bring your own reusable bags and use less plastic bags
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