Do you know what is the first requirement for the use of drawers in large filing cabinets?

Do you know what is the key requirement for the big lateral cabinet in library or office?
Of course, the using safety when drawer is opened, anti-tilt. This means that when drawer is opened, to avoid the cabinet tilted to make people injury. 

Moreover, REPON have a very special product range, you can pick up different loading slides for different loading drawer to assemble in ONE cabinet.

With our special anti-tilt connecting mechanism, when you open one drawer, other drawers are locked. Yes, other drawers cannot be opened. To make sure the cabinet wont be tilted, and even you don't need to fix the cabinet with wall.

This is our SAFETY design.

** Rear Interlock Slides of REPON  ← Video link

If you have special requirements for the use of other drawers, you are also welcome to write or call us.

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