Camping style-Has your car been modified?

Under the COVID-19 of the epidemic these days, we believe that we are all bored for each other's health. . . Do you want to let the whole family go out together before the start of school?
I would like to share with you the suggestions for refitting camping vehicles. The NJ-76J05 super-loaded slide rail with locking function is a good thing that I have to share with you.

NJ-76J05 over-loaded slide rail with locking function, only when you move the yellow lever on the front of the slide rail down, will the mechanism in the slide rail be successfully unlocked, and the function of "pull out/push in lock" can be achieved safely. .

When the vehicle is walking, the drawer will not be thrown out due to the dangerous situation of the drawer being thrown out due to turning or sudden braking.
The dynamic load of this group of heavy-duty slides can withstand 180Kgs (400lbs). REPON would like to recommend you safe use suggestions, let us enjoy a beautiful new outdoor life together.

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