What are our common household hardware?

Hardware is a part of the cabinet making, and it is an important supporting role with soul. If you choose better quality hardware, you can not only extend the life and durability of the furniture in use. Generally, the hardware that we can see on the market can be roughly divided into domestic and imported, which can be selected according to your pocket budget and needs. It is best to actually try to see the operation effect when selecting, and you can also observe the quality of the hardware and the smoothness of use.

What are our common household hardware?
Slide rails, hinges, handles and multifunctional hardware have always been the soul of the cabinet, so they always inadvertently exist in places you don't see often. However, the durability of the cabinet can not be seen through at a glance, and problems that you can't predict will only occur after a period of use. When it is not easy to use, you may be able to re-select the reassuring hardware and come back for replacement and improvement.

Drawer slides are the way REPON has been following for many years.
To describe it in terms of human body structure, the slide rail is like a human bone is a support for the body.
According to the current structure, it can be divided into two-section and three-section slides. On the market, people are more familiar with three-section slides. Because the three-section slide rail can fully pull out the drawer, the two-section slide can usually only be pulled out to 2/3 due to the force problem. Then there is the display of functions, the use of general, buffering, pressing, high load and special environments (outdoor/extra-extension/locking/ultra-low temperature).

Have you noticed that in recent high-end kitchen cabinets, you no longer see obvious metal bars on both sides when the drawers are opened? That’s because of the influence of European and American use, the use of bottom-mounted slide rails and drawer side panels can make the cabinets The texture is improved again. Therefore, bottom-mounted horseback pumping (aluminum-magnesium pumping/metal pumping) began to make a wave in the market.

In recent years, everyone has begun to learn about the bottom slide rails and side panels. In addition to aesthetics, they have also worked hard to gain the use of drawer space. The current new trend in the market is the use of multiple-use wooden bottom-mounted slide rails with ultra-thin side panels. REPON also launched undermount slide rails (16mm/18mm), which can be used with one-piece R-Cube aluminum side panels and also won the Taiwan Excellence Award. Later, due to the cost considerations of market demand, the same also very eye-catching V_Line ultra-thin iron side panels were launched again.

REPON NJ-A5K undermount wooden drawer is matched with the V-Line thin side panel series (13mm). In addition to the iron side drawer wall, it now provides a beautiful new option for glass side panels. The height of the glass side panel is the same as the height of the iron side wall. There are three heights of 90mm / 128mm / 175mm. The size of the side panel is 300-550mm and every 50mm is a size.

If you have special requirements for the use of other drawers, you are also welcome to write or call us.
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