Happy birthday REPON !!

When the epidemic heats up again, schools are closed, some colleagues are forced to work remotely, and the real economic activities in the society are almost suspended... And the activities planned in advance can only be suspended one by one.
In the face of this worrying epidemic, we need to face it more calmly in our hearts. When discussing relevant countermeasures, please cooperate with colleagues and thoroughly implement all relevant regulations.

Every day when everyone enters the factory, we start measuring their body temperature and spraying alcohol for disinfection before checking in. We have also made regional separation in the open public area, so the US-Mexico border appears. We have divided the personnel into groups and distributions to avoid the problem that if someone accidentally wins the prize, the work will not stop.

During the epidemic, we also declined unnecessary visits from manufacturers, and at the same time asked colleagues to cancel unnecessary plans to go out. Also, during lunch and commuting hours, we will do a good job of diversion of personnel and remind all colleagues in A/B districts to not work across districts unless necessary, but also to wear masks, wash hands frequently, not stay outside... and other related matters. .

We want to thank the anti-epidemic personnel who have been working hard on the front line to protect our homes!! To protect ourselves is to protect others, and to minimize unnecessary outings and cross-regional movements. All of us can become ambassadors for epidemic prevention, let us overcome this difficult time together.

Originally, REPON had planned a series of 45th anniversary starting activities this year, but seeing the spread of the epidemic, many activities can only be cancelled and postponed indefinitely. Even at the REPON birthday party on June 6 this year, we were worried about the gathering and unnecessary problems, and finally decided to blow candles with everyone online with the most enthusiastic heart, and wish everyone safe and healthy.

"Happy birthday REPON!!"