Heavy Duty Slide

The installation of the slide rail is to save effort when the drawer is pulled out in use, we still have to consider the safety of use. Generally, in addition to the slide rail load, length and function, the question is whether there is over extension. Usually the length of the over extension is only 1-3 inches, but the load effect of the slide rail after the over extension will be very poor and will be affected. There are doubts about the safety of use.
Usually, when the length of the slide matches the drawn length, we call it a full extension. The common lengths we use for slide usually range from 250mm-700mm. This is only a common size. If it is applied to industrial application products, of course there will be special lengths, sometimes even as long as 72" (1800mm).
REPON slide can be used applied in any industry. If you have any question, please write to us or call us.
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