We won the 10th Taiwan Excellence Award in 2021

2021 is a new beginning. This time I want to recommend REPON's ten sliding rail products that have won Taiwan Excellence.
REPON started with stamping technology in 1977 and was engaged in the development and manufacture of computer cases in the early days. The first ball bearing slides was produced in 1983, and in 1989 we began to market the world under our own brands of "REPON" and "Taiwan Train". We marketed globally under a dual-brand model and became synonymous with high-quality ball guides.
Since 2010, we have started participating in various foreign competitions, and every year we will participate in the Taiwan Excellence Award competition hosted by the Foreign Trade Association. Our products are not products that directly face consumers, so we hold on to the mood of one piece a year, and we will get the tenth red boutique certification by 2021.
We will work harder and firmly move towards the goal. The REPON slide should be able to be used in various professional fields. If you have relevant requirements, you are welcome to write to or call us.
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