When the cabinet is installed on the slide rail, we recommend to reserve a proper drawer clearance.

Sometimes when the cabinet is installed on the slide rail, the drawer will not be smooth in use, not open or have abnormal noise afterwards because of not paying attention to certain small places, and even the problem of drawer collapse and cabinet damage may occur.

The steel ball slide rail without function can accept a large gap range, but if it is a slide rail with a slow return mechanism, special attention should be paid to the clearance of the gap. For the installation of the side-mounted three-section buffer slide rail of REPON, we recommend that the gap between the drawers should be set aside 26mm~28mm (the sum of the bilateral gaps).
The single section thickness of the REPON three-section side-mounted slide rail is 12.7mm. We recommend that the gap be kept within the ideal recommended range when constructing a new cabinet. Because there will be a lot of dust and sawdust during the construction process, pay special attention to it before installation.

Taiwan is in an island-like humid climate. When the sheet is exposed to air, it will absorb moisture and it will have a slight impact. When you install the drawer with the inner frame locked into the cabinet, if it is too tight, please do not pat it in.

If you reserve an ideal clearance range, the installation of the drawer will be smooth. In the installation process, feeling too much resistance usually needs to check several problems.
1. Is the drawer clearance within the recommended range
2. Is there a good combination of the inner frame and the bead seat of the middle frame?
3. Whether the drawer is horizontal
4. Whether the screw head interferes with the mechanism

REPON slide rails can be used in a variety of different professional fields, if you have related needs, please feel free to write or call us.
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