REPON NJ-76J05 is a heavy-duty slide

I received a letter some time ago asking about my needs for the use and modification of the camper. It was mentioned that I want to extend the table space of the cooking table in the rear compartment, so I also need to have the extended use of space conditions for placing heavy objects and work items And there is no need to worry about the drawer sliding out when driving.

REPON’s NJ-76J05 is a heavy-duty slide rail that can carry 400lbs / 180Kgs and has Lock out and Lock in functions.

When the drawer is opened and closed, the user must first press the front yellow lever to activate the mechanism function. Only in this way can the drawer be fixed, and the unsafe problem of throwing out the drawer due to the rapid turning of the vehicle or the emergency situation of sudden braking will not occur.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to REPON's other two super heavy slide rails, the NJ-76J01 and NJ-71J01, which can carry 400lbs / 180Kgs. The difference is that the inner frame of the slide rail is inseparable and separable, and the difference is the convenience of the slide rail installation.

REPON slide rails can be used in a variety of different professional fields. If you have relevant requirements, please write to or call us.

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