​About the conditions for the drawer to replace the slide

About the conditions for the drawer to replace the slide .

I thought about it and sorted out the following relevant conditions for your reference.
If you are a new cabinet, you only need to consider the drawer function you want, 
,the general standard model has no function, the drawer has a buffer return effect 
when closed, and the panel has no handle pressing function, as well as the drawer 
load and drawer depth. 

Of course the depth of the drawer should also take into account the depth that the 
used space can be expanded. This can be divided into 3/4 expansion, full expansion 
and super expansion needs. 

If there is no space obstacle, a full expansion drawer will be used.
If you want to replace the slide of an old cabinet, there is a very important condition 
to provide you for your reference. It is the gap condition of the drawer,the gap between 
the sides of the drawer = (cabinet width-drawer width)/2.

There are detachable and non-detachable ways of detachment of the slide 
when the slide rail is installed. The difference between them is that the convenience of 
installation is related to the load. 

The length of the slide rail is subject to the longest dimension measured when the slide 
is fully closed. Most of us use 50mm or 2" as a unit size.

And REPON provides general side-mounted three-section slide rails ranging from 12.7mm 
to 19mm, and the load ranges from 45kgs to 90kgs. 

If you have special needs for the use of other drawers, you are also welcome to write or call us.
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