HOW TO - Drawer removal

I received a letter from the user asking about how to remove the drawer with the slide rail installed and replace it with a new slide rail? Reply to several directions for solution.

1. First confirm which type of slide rail product is installed in the drawer, if it is the same as today's demonstration, you can refer to the suggested method of use.

2. The replaced slide rail is also side-mounted of the same model, and its thickness is the same (12.7mm) and can be directly removed and replaced.

3. After opening the drawer, there is a black plastic pick in the middle section. Generally, the slide rails are used regardless of the left and right sides, so the turning direction is "upper left and lower right". Pull the drawer back after the mechanism is loosened. Can be separated.

I would like to recommend the REPON 35D series to everyone. After the drawer is opened, just press the "yellow button", so you don't have to worry about the width of the drawer or the problem of pinching your hands. After pressing the release mechanism with one finger, the drawer can be easily separated by pulling it back.

When replacing the new slide rail and reinstalling the drawer, remember to pull the ball seat of the slide rail forward and then push the drawer in evenly.

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